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The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 can receive calls through SIP or PSTN and route these through to either the Auto Attendant (IVR) system, Hunt / Call Groups or specific Extension numbers. This is configured from the Answer Mode settings available in each Trunk and Alias setup menu.

By default, the PBX system will route calls to the Auto-Attendant which picks up the call as soon as it is received and plays a default prompt of "If you know your party's Extension, you may enter it now" to the caller. Once the prompt has played, the caller can then dial the number of an internal Extension or Hunt Group to call the internal number dialled.

The PBX Answer Modes allow the PBX system to route calls differently depending upon the time of day or year:

  • Office Hours: Once the PBX system is configured with Office Hours periods, the PBX would route calls to the Office Hours Answer Mode during the Office Hours period
  • Non-Office Hours: The PBX system will route calls to the Non-Office Hours Answer Mode outside of the Office Hours period. If no Office Hours have been specified (factory default configuration), the PBX system will use this answer mode
  • Holiday: The PBX system can be configured with specific dates of the year that this Answer Mode would apply. It can additionally play a specified User Prompt to the caller before routing the call

This guide demonstrates how to configure the PBX system with Office Hours to use each of the Answer Modes: Configuring Office Hours on the VigorBX 2000

Answer Modes

  • Auto Attendant: This routes the call through to the specified Auto Attendant Menu, which will then play the greeting configured in that Auto Attendant menu and allow the caller to select the options configured in that Auto Attendant Menu
  • Forward to Extension: This routes the call through the specified Extension
  • Forward to Hunt Group: This routes the call through the specified Hunt Group
  • Forward to Voice Mail System (Alias Numbers Only): This puts caller through to the Voice Mail system, to listen to voicemails or record a Voice Mail greeting. Upon calling, the caller is prompted to enter the Extension Number of the Voice Mail Inbox to access and then prompts for the Voice Mail Inbox password for that Extension


The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 system must have a functioning Trunk configured to be able to receive calls on that Trunk.

The PSTN Trunk will be able to receive calls once a PSTN Analogue telephone line has been plugged into one of the FXO / Line ports on the PBX system using the supplied splitter.

To receive calls over VoIP using SIP, a SIP Trunk must be configured on the PBX system, these guides provide examples of how to configure SIP Trunks:

The VigorBX 2000 also supports 50 Alias / DDI numbers for use with SIP Trunks, this guide provides information on how to use those: Configuring DDI Alias numbers on the VigorBX 2000


The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 IP PBX system supports up to 50 Extensions, with one Extension reserved for the Analogue Phone port on the PBX system. The Analogue Phone port requires no configuration, simply plug in a phone and the Answer Modes can be configured to put calls through to Extension 901, which will then ring on the Analogue Phone connected.

To use IP Phones with the PBX system, it is necessary to configure Extension Numbers for each of the Extension Profiles that will be used, then register IP Phones to those Extensions. This will allow the phones to make and receive calls once they have registered with the PBX system.

This guide provides information on how to configure an Extension Profile: Setting up Extensions on the VigorBX 2000

This guide provides additional information on how to register Extensions to the IP PBX system over a VPN or the Internet: Registering Remote Extensions with the VigorBX 2000

Hunt Groups

The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 system provides 20 different Hunt Groups, which allow for calling a group of Extensions connected to the PBX system. These can be used internally and can be used to route incoming calls to a group using the Answer Modes in each Trunk or Alias number.

This guide demonstrates how to configure Hunt Groups on the PBX system: How to use Hunt Groups on the VigorBX 2000

Auto Attendant

The DrayTek VigorBX 2000 has an Interfactive Voice Response (IVR) system to route calls via menu systems configured on the PBX. When a caller calls in, they are greeted with a prompt which would provide options that they could dial and their call would be routed upon selecting an option.

This guide provides more information on how to configure the Auto Attendant: Auto Attendant (IVR) Configuration on the VigorBX 2000

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