XV. VigorACS and VigorConnect

VigorACS 2 - User Guides

Vigor ACS

DrayTek VigorACS 2 is the latest version of DrayTek's Central Management System (CMS). It supports all current DrayTek routers and firewalls, providing System Integrators or system administration personnel a real-time integrated monitoring, configuration and management platform.

There are a number of support guides available to demonstrate how to initially configure and then utilise the VigorACS 2 platform, to easily manage CPEs remotely:

Installing VigorACS 2 for Linux

How to install VigorACS 2 on a server running a Linux based operating system.

Installing VigorACS 2 for Windows

How to install VigorACS 2 on a server running a Windows operating system.

Upgrading from ACS V1 to ACS V2 (Linux)

DrayTek VigorACS-SI (ACS 1) installations can be upgraded to VigorACS 2. This setup guide demonstrates how to perform an upgrade, migrating an existing VigorACS-SI install, to VigorACS 2. The upgrade will retain the existing database and files.

How to create a new Network

This setup guide demonstrates how to create a Network that Routers and VigorAPs could then be connected to and managed through.

How to create new User accounts

The VigorACS 2 platform has multiple levels of access that each user can be granted.

This setup guide demonstrates how to create new User / Admin accounts, with information on the tasks that each account type can perform.

Configuring a CPE to connect to VigorACS via TR-069

Once VigorACS 2 is configured with a Network and User accounts to perform management with, DrayTek Vigor routers and VigorAP access points can be connected to the system by configuring the TR-069 Server connection.

This guide demonstrates how to configure routers and VigorAPs to connect, along with how to configure the Vigor router to perform automatic TR-069 configuration of any locally connected VigorAP access points.

Moving a device from ACS 1 to ACS2

This guide explains how to use VigorACS 1 to reconfigure a device to log into VigorACS 2.

Backup and Restore Router Configuration

The VigorACS 2 system can be used to automatically back up Vigor router and VigorAP configuration files, this guide demonstrates how to perform configuration backups either manually or on a schedule.

Upgrade Firmware Remotely

VigorACS 2 can perform firmware upgrades on Vigor routers and VigorAPs. This setup guide demonstrates how to perform these firmware upgrades remotely using the VigorACS 2 system, both for single units and groups of routers and APs.

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