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DrayTek Vigor Routers

For common queries, you can check the Vigor Router VFAQ (Very FAQ).

For IPPBX queries, you can check the IPPBX FAQ.

Section Index

  1. Product Setup Guides
  2. Resetting & Router Firmware
  3. Wireless LAN
  4. Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
  5. VPN (Virtual Private Networking)
  6. Feature Setup
  7. Router Diagnostics
  8. PC Setup
  9. NAT Facilities
  10. WAN
  11. LAN
  12. Firewall/Security
  13. Miscellaneous Questions

I. Product Setup Guides
  1. Vigor 100 / 110 / 120 Setup (Ethernet Modem)
  2. Vigor 120 Setup with Apple Airport Extreme
  3. Vigor 3100 SDSL Setup
  4. Vigor 2750 VDSL Setup with BT Infinity
  5. Vigor 2760 VDSL Setup with BT Infinity
  6. Vigor 2850 VDSL Setup with BT Infinity
  7. Vigor 2850 Dual DSL Setup
  8. ADSL Troubleshooting Flowchart
  9. Vigor ADSL Router Troubleshooting Tips
  10. Vigor 2200USB Setup
  11. Cable Modem Setup (For NTL/Telewest/VirginMedia)
II. Resetting/Firmware:
  1. How do I completely reset the router?
  2. How do I set/change the router's password?
  3. What firmware version do I have?
  4. How do I upgrade/reset the router's firmware?
  5. How do I upgrade the router's firmware from an Apple Mac?
  6. How do I upgrade firmware remotely?
III. Wireless LAN (WLAN) Facilities:
  1. Wireless LAN FAQ
  2. Wireless LAN Troubleshooting
  3. Wireless LAN Tips
  4. Overlapping Channels / Channel Selection
  5. Vigor AP-700
  6. Universal Repeater Mode with AP 800
  7. Wireless LAN Security overview
  8. Comparison of WEP vs. WPA & WPA2
  9. WEP (Encryption) Setup
  10. WPA (Encryption/Authentication) Setup
  11. WPS Security
  12. Wireless Access Control
  13. VPN over WLAN
  14. Using Multiple SSID's
IV. Voice-over-IP (VoIP):
  1. How does POTS passthrough work?
  2. Can I dial IP addresses from the handset?
  3. Which Codec is best to select?
  4. What type of Internet connection should I have for VoIP?
  5. How do I use the phone book?
  6. How do I set up and use a SIP Server?
  7. How do I use Digit Map?
  8. Where is the DrayTEL user guide?
  9. Setting up VoIP with other SIP Service Gateway/Registrars:
  10. How can I check the router is logged into the SIP server?
  11. How do I obtain VoIP Diagnostic logs?
  12. How should I set 'QoS Upstream'?
  13. Using Other Software to call to the Vigor:
  14. What happens if my phone is in use?
  15. What is the DTMF inband/outband setting for?
  16. Why are my keypresses not recognised?
  17. Can I call between the two phone ports?
  18. Setting up VoIP Encryption
V. VPN Setup Guides :
  1. Teleworker to Vigor with PPTP or IPSec
  2. Vigor to Vigor (LAN-to-LAN) with PPTP
  3. Vigor 3900 VPN Trunk
  4. Setting up SSL VPNs
  5. Additional VPN Setup Guides (Includes 3rd Party Vendor Products)
    Please note, we are unable to offer specific support on 3rd party products.
  6. VPN Troubleshooting Guide
  7. SSL VPN Troubleshooting
VI. Feature Setup:
  1. How do I set up static routes?
  2. How do I use Email Checking?
  3. How do I use Ethernet Port Throttling?
  4. What is T.38 Fax?
  5. How do I use Vigor's QoS facility?
  6. Setting up a True-DMZ Host
  7. Session & Bandwidth Limitation
  8. How do I set up the Vigor's printer port?
  9. How do I use Dynamic DNS Setup (DDNS)?
  10. How can I use 'scheduling'?
  11. How do I use the VigorCam?
  12. How do I set up the ISDN VTA?
  13. How do I enable Content Filtering (Parental Control)?
  14. How can I schedule content filtering?
  15. Setting up a 3G modem on a Vigor
  16. Dial-Up Analogue Backup Setup
  17. Login Page Greeting
VII. Diagnostics:
  1. How do I open a Telnet session to the router?
  2. Enabling Telnet in Windows Vista
  3. How do I use Syslog?
  4. How do I set the router name?
  5. How do I save Syslog to a USB disk?
  6. What do the ADSL line signal figures mean?
  7. How do I decode firewall log entries?
  8. How do I produce router diagnostic logs?
  9. How can I use Ping to test my connection?
  10. How do I use Ethereal?
  11. Why does Traceroute not work with SPI?
  12. Capturing 3G modem information
  13. Using the Data Flow Monitor
  14. Enabling Ethernet Port Mirroring (for SmartMonitor or sniffing)
VIII. PC Setup:
  1. How do I configure my OS to use the router for Internet access?
  2. How do I set a fixed IP address on my PC?
  3. How do I stop Windows using my dial-up modem?
  4. How do I check the PCs TCP/IP setup?
IX. NAT Related Features:
  1. How do I make a local server accessible from the Internet?
  2. How do I forwarding protocols other than UDP/TCP?
  3. What is the difference between Port Mapping, Open Ports and DMZ?
  4. How do I enable VPN passthrough for an internal VPN server?
  5. How do I enable VPN passthrough on the Vigor2820?
  6. How many VPN tunnels can the Vigor passthrough?
  7. How do I use MultiNAT?
  8. How do I fix the outbound IP address for a MultiNAT client?
  9. How do I disable NAT?
  10. How do I use a public subnet on the LAN (non-NAT operation)?
  11. NAT Address Mapping / Fixing the outbound WAN IP Address
  1. Load Balancing
  1. What is the port based VLAN facility?
  2. How do I setup a 802.1q based vlan?
  3. How do I fix (preset) a DHCP allocation?
  4. How do I set the DHCP Lease time?
  5. Can I trigger 'Wake-on-LAN' (WOL) remotely?
  6. How do IP addresses and subnets work?
XII. Firewall/Security Features:
  1. How do I activate my Globalview WCF licence?
  2. How do I create an account on the MyVigor Portal?
  3. How do I set up a firewall filter?
  4. How do I use Firewall Mail Alert?
  5. What is keep-state/SPI
  6. How do I use Admin Access Control?
  7. What does the router management options menu do?
  8. How do I set up Web Authentication?
XIII. Miscellaneous Questions:
  1. How can I use AOL Broadband with the Vigor?
  2. How do I select the IP address used for incoming VPNs?
  3. How do I set the router's SNMP Name?
  4. How do I change the MSS/MTU?
  5. How does DNS Operate on the Vigor?
  6. Why is my ISDN router is making too many calls?
  7. How do I find out the router WAN Port's MAC Address?
  8. How can I improve my ADSL Speed/quality?
  9. Why don't I get the maximum speed on BeThere (ISP)?
  10. Finding your router serial number

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